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Welcome to the website of the Sierra Leone Bar Association. I am both proud and humbled to be leading this venerable and distinguished professional association. This Association has played a pivotal role at certain times of our nation’s history and it is that legacy of advocating for the upholding of the rule of law, enhancing the democratic dispensation in our country and providing access to justice that this Bar Association will continue to promote. It is my fervent hope that this website will provide you with information about the workings of our association and strides we are making on various fronts.

As lawyers much is expected of us from the public. Many look up to our Bar Association for leadership on numerous issues of national concern. Ours is a profession that commands respect. When utilized in the best traditions of advocacy and justice there is none other like ours. We at the Sierra Leone Bar Association seek to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards. Lawyers in Sierra Leone have in many cases acted as our “brothers’ keeper” by providing free legal services to members of the public. We have played a visible role when issues of national concern have come up such as helping to lead the fight to eradicate the Ebola Virus Disease by providing free legal advice to relevant authorities in a bid to assist them in formulating policy, launching a sensitization project to educate the public on the State of Emergency regulations as well as making a financial contribution towards containing and eliminating this disease.

We continue to strive for a perfect justice system. A system that has the confidence of members of the public and that is efficient in the disposition of justice. We note strides taken by the judiciary to enhance the efficiency of the system by opening new courtrooms in the east of Freetown and Pademba Road amongst others, the establishment of the fast track commercial court and other measures all of which are laudable initiatives that we welcome. We will continue to engage the Judiciary, our development partners, relevant stakeholders and the Government in addressing issues of concern to our Association and the public.

The Bar Association will promote and protect the interest of its members and continues to aspire to be what we truly should become – a beacon of light, hope and excellence in this land that we love. They say justice like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Whilst this may be true in some respect we strive for justice that is given without delay; that is seen and accepted to be done in a fair, balanced and uncompromising manner. Only when this is achieved can we truly live up to the aspirations enshrined in our national motto – Unity, Freedom, and Justice. Aware of our responsibility in attaining this objective and inspired by our Association’s motto we say “Fiat justitiaruat caelum” (Let justice be done though the heavens fall).

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